Difference between Filtered Cigars and Cigarettes

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                Little cigars and filtered cigars such as Wrangler, Clipper and others are varied in many ways to the conventional cigarette, such as Marlboro, Camel, and a variety of others. These differences are major and very important in concerns to the costumer.

                The most popular brands of cigarettes in the US, as well as the world include Marlboro, Camel, Winston, and many others. Some popular brands of filtered cigar are Clipper, Wrangler, Vaquero, and a host of others.

 To begin with, there is the obvious physical appearance; a little cigar or a filtered cigar is produced with a darker, more natural tobacco colored wrapper that is easily distinguished from the white wrapper of a cigarette. The three are both distributed in identical packaging, with packs of twenty cigars in a carton of ten packs.

A second and very important difference between little cigars and filtered cigars in comparison to cigarettes is the chemicals. A little cigar or filtered cigar is made with one-hundred percent natural, pure tobacco and a filter at the top; these cigars can still be harmful to health. A cigarette though, is made is not only made with tobacco, but with over two-hundred other possible harmful chemicals that exist in the smoke. These chemicals can include arsenic, benzene, cadmium (a toxic metal), vinyl chloride, formaldehyde, and other possible dangerous chemicals. The chemical that is addictive to the human body that is present in both, but more predominantly found in cigarettes is nicotine, which is absorbed through the lining of the mouth and the lungs. Intake of nicotine is increased by deep inhalation of the smoke into the lungs, or taking puffs more often.

Another difference is that little cigars and filtered cigars are available in many different flavors. A cigarette can only be purchased in full flavor, light, menthol, ultra light, and menthol light. Filtered cigars and little cigars come in these flavors, as well as a mixture of fruity flavors including peach, strawberry, grape, chocolate, wild berry, vanilla, honey, cherry, wine, rum, and possibly even more. Originally, some cigarette brands such as Marlboro also came in flavors, but stopped producing these flavors long ago.

Now, the possibly most important difference to the consumer is the taxation and how it greatly impacts the price of the product. The State Government places taxes on cigarettes for many reasons that may vary in the minds of the people. There are those who say it is done to reduce the number of smokers and the effects of smoking to the general public; but the known fact is that these taxes bring in money revenue. Cigarettes for some reason, sells the same in terms of demand whether it has a tax imposed on it or not, thus the government gains greatly from the revenue of these taxes. The cigarette is taxed by every state in the U.S.A. by law, and it is taxed heavily. Many cigarette brandsí cost of manufacturing is actually a third to half of the price of retail. Little cigars are not classified as a cigarette by the government, but actually as a small cigar category, thus it is relieved of some of these heavy taxes. But, because of a difference in weight, it is in a different category from the filtered cigar. Because a filtered cigar is heavier, it is under the category of filtered large cigars; this alleviates it almost completely of the taxes that burden cigarettes and little cigars. This means that they can be sold at just over the cost of manufacturing, so that the producer makes a profit, but the costumer is still receiving a greatly cheaper product; in some cases, even up to one-fifth the price of some of the more popular brands such as Marlboro and Newport.  

These differences between little cigars and filtered cigars as to cigarettes are very important, and we feel that the costumer should have the liberty to know about these differences. Please enjoy the products on the site.

Ann Date 4/9/2012 5:24:33 AM
The cigar is the same height as the cigarette on the right and contains approximately the same amount of tobacco. Both have filters, but the difference is that little cigars and filtered cigars are available in many different flavors. Filtered cigars and little cigars come as a mixture of fruity flavors including peach, strawberry, grape, chocolate, wild berry, vanilla, honey, cherry, wine, rum, and possibly even more. Cigarettes stopped producing these flavors long ago. Source: http://www.ciga
Spell Checker Date 11/20/2012
I really think the author of this bit means to say "customer" in the places in the opening and closing paragraphs where the word "costumer" is used.
Don Johnson Date 1/10/2013
This article failed to mention the most important aspect...NICOTINE LEVELS....i don't want to huff down 3 or four of those rough filtered cigars to equal one cigarette craving...or are they relatively equal?
Josiah D Van Newkirk Date 11/6/2013
as to nicotine levels, that depends on how you choose to smoke a filtered cigar. if smoked in the traditional cigar manor of drawing smoke into the mouth and holding, not as much nicotine as a cigarette. if you choose to draw the smoke into your lungs like a cigarette, the nicotine levels far outweigh that of a cigarette and a little filtered cigar will last 2-3 times as long as a cigarette. i smoke both and find that while i smoke 1.5 - 2 packs of cigarettes a day, i will smoke only 0.75 pack of little filtered cigars in the same time frame.
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